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Email with Subject - Website Problem

Posted by: Admin on 29th November 2019 06:59:31.
Posted in Category: Spams

­If you get an email like this:
I was on your website and I was wondering to send you a SEO proposal for your website.
If you're interested please let me know.
Can I send you free proposal tomorrow or can I give you a call.
Thanks & Regards
Vanessa Jover| Sales|

Note: We are not spammers and are against spamming of any kind. If you are not interested then you can reply with a simple "NO".

They say they are against spamming of any kind and then send out spam emails. Duh!

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Custom Boxes

Posted by: Admin on 18th November 2019 23:31:47.
Posted in Category: Spams

­Spams like this are now commonplace and seem to slip through any spam filters:

The mail starts like:



Glad to tell you that we are the printing company specialized in box packaging .

We specialize in paper box 、wrapping paper、 corrugated box 、cosmetics box 、 jewelry box 、gift boxProduction,We are flexible and can to provide custom packages to each client to fit their budget needs.
Customized size,design,printing is welcomed.
High quality, best price, prompt delivery and good reputation.......


They usually come from someone elses email address or a non-identifiable one

and they are just phishing for you to confirm your email address is active so they can spam and phish you some more!

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Companies Database Spam

Posted by: Admin on 8th November 2019 01:13:59.
Posted in Category: Spams

This email is clearly a spam if you receive it, and totally violates the GDPR.
It states that you are sent this email as you signed up or made a purchase at our site. Totally untrue.
The reply email address is a but is nothing to do with yellowpagescloud.

The link 'Shop Now' goes to a phishing site.

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