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UK Television License Scam

Posted by: Admin on 12th March 2020 00:09:58.
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4 March at 03:11Public
Just received an email from TV Licensing telling me my DD payment to them has been cancelled and I owe them money. They asked me to set up a new DD and kindly included a link asking me to fill in my bank details. I contacted to genuine TV license people and they confirmed this as a SCAM. Watch out for this and please be careful. Do not click on the link or give any bank details to these scumbags. Please warn others! This is a SCAM!


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Cowboy Builder Warning

Posted by: Admin on 6th January 2020 02:02:36.
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­ Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, beard, glasses, hat, close-up and outdoorIt would appear the Cowboy Builders Chris and Sophie Escrader who have conned over 30 families of more than half million pound including their employees, architects, builders and building merchants in the Essex area have now landed in Norwich (Little Melton) and started up a new company (having liquidated 6 companies already) called Hudson Living Ltd, Hudson Garden Rooms, Hudson Bespoke Builders, CCSE Group, CCSE Holdings, Husky Electricians and more..... please everyone be aware and go on Name and Shame Builders Uk for anymore information on these two.

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Robbie London

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Beware of EMA Electronics

Posted by: Admin on 14th December 2019 07:31:30.
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Beware of EMAELECTRONICS 28th Nov 15 at 6:54 AM
A Story from someone that was almost caught out!
Watch out everybody. I was looking for a new laptop and found the best deal through the google search - one of the sponsored links - - the website looks very convincing , wide range of electronics, white goods etc..massive selection and fantastic prices. Allegedly based in Hampshire, free delivery and payment protection etc etc...

I bought the laptop and paid by my credit card - in few hours I received email saying the payment was REFUSED by my bank and that should pay directly to the company account - Lloyds , the price to pay was suddenly even cheaper ! "Discount applied" Alarm bells ringing??

I checked with my bank, they confirmed that there was a payment of 79pence - usually testing if the card is genuine, the bank approved it and said yes but the payment of the whole sum £440 was not taken - clearly because the fake company is aware would not get anything from credit card once it becomes clear this is a scam.

I tried to call the landline number for the company - the dialling code is from Glasgow (!!) and yet they are based in Hampshire (?) and the line does not work..

So, in this pre Christmas shopping frenzy, watch out! I have never fell for this before but easily done....have a look at the website - it looks so genuine and professional...!!!!!!!s...

Again the golden rule - if the deal looks it is too good to be true, run away...

I have now ask for a replacement card....

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