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Text Scam re:Covid-19

Posted by: Admin on 25th March 2020 11:02:15.
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This despicable scam has now started using text messages to deliver the scam link:­
No photo description available.

GoDaddy is hosting the site that is linked to and the site is already flagged as being dangerous. DO NOT Click any links in the text. GoDaddy have been asked to take this site down.

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Wash your Hands of Covid-19 Scams

Posted by: Admin on 24th March 2020 05:24:59.
Posted in Category: News





Source: AVG/Avast Antivirus Software

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Scam targeting Parents re Covid-19 and school meals

Posted by: Admin on 24th March 2020 04:37:51.
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People pretending to be from Red Cross

Posted by: Admin on 19th March 2020 09:43:33.
Posted in Category: General

­Image result for british red crossThis is so sad in these times. Information has been received from a Senior Emergency Response Officer from the British Red Cross, with the following message. Just to be aware as this is happening in Norfolk and other areas:

"Apologies for being the bearer of more bad news but we’ve received word that there have been reports of people purporting to be from BRC knocking the doors of the elderly and vulnerable and taking their money to do shopping – and not returning. People are also charging for coming into people’s home with testing kits (that don’t exist). This is also being reported on social media." BRC staff and volunteers all have clear and recognisable ID and uniforms. I know the intention is to help, but people need to be vigilant generally with regards to strangers appearing and offering assistance, and never to give over card details or money...

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UK Television License Scam

Posted by: Admin on 12th March 2020 00:09:58.
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User Name
4 March at 03:11Public
Just received an email from TV Licensing telling me my DD payment to them has been cancelled and I owe them money. They asked me to set up a new DD and kindly included a link asking me to fill in my bank details. I contacted to genuine TV license people and they confirmed this as a SCAM. Watch out for this and please be careful. Do not click on the link or give any bank details to these scumbags. Please warn others! This is a SCAM!


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Android security warning: One billion devices no longer getting updates

Posted by: Admin on 9th March 2020 03:29:32.
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Image result for androidMore than one billion Android devices around the world are no longer supported by security updates, leaving them potentially vulnerable to attack.

Consumer watchdog Which? has calculated that two in five Android devices are no longer receiving vital security updates from Google, putting them at greater risk of malware or other security flaws.

Android 10 (which lacks a confectionery themed code name) is the most recent version, and while it and its predecessors Android 9 (Pie) and 8 (Oreo) are still in getting security updates, using anything below Android 8 "will carry security risks," Which? said.

Based on Google's own data from last year, around 40% of Android active users worldwide are on version 6.0 or earlier: Marshmallow (2015), Lollipop (2014), KitKat (2013), Jellybean (2012), Ice Cream Sandwich (2011) and Gingerbread (2010). According to the Android Security Bulletin, there were no security patches issued for the Android system in 2019 that targeted Android versions below 7.0 (Nougat).

"That means more than one billion phones and tablets were active around the world that no longer received security updates," said Which?

Which? also bought a number of three-year-old Android devices, most of which could only run Android 7.0. Security experts engaged by consumer body were able to infect all of them with malware, including multiple infections on some.

All of the phones in the tests were infected successfully by Joker -- also known as Bread -- malware. Every single device tested was also infected with Bluefrag, a critical vulnerability that focuses on the Bluetooth component of Android.

Which? said there should be greater transparency around how long updates for smart devices will be provided so that consumers can make informed buying decisions, and that customers should get better information about their options once security updates are no longer available. The watchdog also said that smartphone makers have questions to answer about the environmental impact of phones that can only be supported for three years or less.

Google told ZDNet: "We're dedicated to improving security for Android devices every day. We provide security updates with bug fixes and other protections every month, and continually work with hardware and carrier partners to ensure that Android users have a fast, safe experience with their devices." 

When operating systems and security updates are delivered varies depending on the device, manufacturer and mobile operator. Because smartphone makers will tweak bits of the Android operating system, they often deploy patches and updates at a slower pace than Google does on its own devices, or not at all. 

Google's Pixel phones get Android version updates and security updates for at least three years from when the device first became available on the Google Store. 

While consumers are holding onto devices longer now, the average user will replace a handset after around three years. Operating systems for other devices – like PCs – are supported for much longer. Windows 7, for example, was launched in 2009 but only finally went out of support earlier this year.

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